The following document contains many recommendations and are not necessarily regulatory by Rio Vista, unless required by another local, State or Federal agency. The City of Rio Vista is closely monitoring government policy changes. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines government mandates, and Public Health directives. We will continue to make changes as necessary or appropriate to our recommended procedures. It is also the desire of Rio Vista to provide on-site support to business owners and tenants whenever possible.  Click Here to download this entire Document

The City of Rio Vista has reviewed the State and County revisions that ease restrictions of home shelter orders and we support amendments which allow additional businesses to open. Health and safety of current residents is the top priority so city representatives will be visiting local businesses to provide guidance and support. These are exciting times and we look forward to welcoming back our local merchants.There is a lot of misinformation circulating about which and when businesses can open. Currently, we support amendments made by the State and County on May 7,2020. These revisions allow for low-risk businesses, organizations, and activities to operate including retail establishments, manufacturing, pet grooming, florists, and offices which pose a low-risk of COVID-19 transmission. The city has started opening the parks in accordance with the easing of restrictions outlined by the County. We anticipate all city parks to be open by the end of next week. Please reference the The Solano County Order of the County Public health Officer dated May 7, 2020, for additional information.

The Solano County COVID-19 dashboard 

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From the Office of the City Manager:

June 29th, 2020
Subject:  Coronavirus update and impact to City Facilities, City Hall, Fire and Police facilities to remain restricted access.

I wanted to take a moment and provide an update on the Coronavirus response in Rio Vista. While the City is still under 10 reported cases, many counties in California are seeing significant increases in positive cases of COVID-19. 

The World Health Organization on Sunday reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases by its count, at more than 183,000 new cases in the latest 24 hours. Brazil led the way with 54,771 cases tallied and the U.S. next at 36,617. Over 15,400 came in within India. Within the United States, there have been 2,504,175 cases with 44,703 new cases reported as of June 28, 2020.  In California, we saw 2,986 new cases.  In our country, many states are trending upwards. 

In Rio Vista, we need to be able to count on our public safety, public works, and City Hall staff to continue to work in this challenging environment.  I had hoped to reopen the fire, police departments and city hall on a limited basis in early July.  However, based on the continued increase in COVID-19 cases, I will need to delay that reopening until such time as the data supports a reconsideration and our risk is decreased.  The primary way the City Team can support our citizens it to do our best to protect the health of our city employees—and I want to emphasize that it is very critical for our police and fire personnel to stay healthy in order to be able to respond to our citizens’ needs.   

We have been and will continue to provide city services to our citizens and to move projects forward as best we can under these unusual circumstances.

I understand people are tired of the restrictions that have become our new norm.  But the virus does not care.  We need to continue our efforts to keep our family, friends, and community safe. 

The health and safety of our community has been and continues to be our top priority! We can overcome this with kindness, patience, and understanding that we are all going through this together.

Rob Hickey
City Manager                   

Information and recommended responses to COVID-19 remain fluid and the City of Rio Vista is committed to keeping our citizens and employees informed about the potential impacts to their lives.  In an effort to assist in the control of the potential spread of the virus, the City Hall will have no public access until further notice.  Staff will be available during regular work hours to take your calls or emails to assist in every way possible.  Please use the following resources to reach the department you need:

Public Works/ Water/ Wastewater/ Streets/ Parks/ Facilities and Airport
Beth Roberts: 374-6451 ext. 1106 or broberts@ci.rio-vista.ca.us

Director of Public Works
Robin Borre: 374-6451 ext. 1116 or rborre@ci.rio-vista.ca.us

Community Development / Building / Business Licenses
Judi Craner: 374-6451 ext. 1122 or jcraner@ci.rio-vista.ca.us

Finance / Utility Billing / Accounts Payable
Sandy Shewmaker: 374-6451 ext. 1120 or sshewmaker@ci.rio-vista.ca.us

Human Resources
Marni Rittburg:  374-6451 ext. 1103 or mrittburg@ci.rio-vista.ca.us

Assistant City Manager and City Clerk 
Jose Jasso:  374-6451 ext. 1102 or jjasso@ci.rio-vista.ca.us

City Hall hours are Monday – Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Fire Department will continue responding to emergency and non-emergency incidents. Please call 9-1-1 if you require an emergency response and 707-374-2233 for Fire Department business. The Fire Station lobby will be unavailable to the public until further notice.

The Police Department will continue responding to emergency and non-emergency incidents. Please call 9-1-1 if you require an emergency response, 707-374-2300 for a non-emergency response, and 707-374-6366 for Police Department business. The Police Station lobby will be unavailable to the public until further notice.

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City Council Meetings Monthly on the first and third Tuesdays
6:00 pm at the Rio Vista City Hall.

Planning Commission Meeting Monthly on the second Wednesday
6:00 pm at
 the Rio Vista City Hall.


Normal City Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday
and every other Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
(707) 374-6451
City Hall is Closed: Weekends & Holidays

After Hours Public Works Emergency Contact Numbers:
(707) 249-7510 (Public Works On-Call)
(707) 249-7506 (Public Works Superintendent)
Public Works includes Water, Wastewater, Streets, Parks, Airport, City Facilities, Stormwater / Flooding  and City Trees.