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Rio Vista Municipal Airport: Rio Vista (088), Jack Baumann Field, Rio Vista, California

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As additional information pertaining to the Rio Vista Municipal Airport becomes available, the information will be posted in this section. You can also check up to date information about Rio Vista Municipal Airport at AirNav.



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 Help Fly Friendly at O88!

When flying into Rio Vista Municipal Airport, please observe the following procedures:

  • There is a noise sensitive area north of the Airport.
  • Avoid over flights over Trilogy at Rio Vista homes, the ranch and corral north of the end of Runway 33.
  • On Runway 25, it is a clam wind runway.  Please use this runway as often.
  • O88 recommends a straight out climb to 700 feet before crosswind turn on both Runway 7-25 and 15-33.
  • Helicopters use left hand traffic (500 feet, TPA) and land only in the heliport.

The City of Rio Vista and Trilogy at Rio Vista appreciates your cooperation in effort to be good neighbors to our residents living near the Airport.  Thank You!

 Travis Air Force Base Asks YOU to Fly Friendly In and Near Their Air Space

Travis Air Force Base wants to eliminate midair collisions and reduce close calls through continuous flight safety and proper flight planning. Through visiting http://www.seeandavoid.org/default.aspx, pilots flying around O88 can be aware of military aircraft flying in the vicinity of the Airport.  The goal of See and Avoid is to promote information exchange between civilian pilots and the military flight safety community and provide a one-stop shopping to help all of us safely share the skies. This portal will allow users to find and link to all existing military Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (MACA) programs in a single web site, while also enjoying new access to information from bases that did not previously have web-based content.  Please fly smart and safely.

pdf Presentation By Travis Air Force Base Regarding Flying Friendly
pdf Mid Air Collision Avoidance Flyer

 Airport Privatization Pilot Program Information

Congress established FAA's Airport Privatization Pilot Program to explore privatization as a means of generating access to various sources of private capital for airport improvement and development. Private companies may own, manage, lease and develop public airports. The 2012 Reauthorization Act increased the number of airports than can participate from five to 10. The Act authorized FAA to permit up to 10 public airport sponsors to sell or lease an airport with certain restrictions and to exempt the sponsor from certain federal requirements that could otherwise make privatization impractical. The airport owner or lease holder may be exempt from repayment of federal grants, return of property acquired with federal assistance, and the use of proceeds from the airport’s sale or lease to be used exclusively for airport purposes. The pilot program began in September 1997.

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 AWOS available through iphone app and on XM Weather

For those that would like to check the Belfort Digiwx AWOS system on your iphone app, visit ForeFlight for more details: http://www.foreflight.com/iphone.

For those using the Bendix/King KDR 610 as the digital receiver and with the XM Weather subscription, pilots can obtain Rio Vista Municipal Airport AWOS information through Belfort Digiwx program.

 Free Wi-Fi Spot Available At Rio Vista Municipal Airport

Looking for free internet access? Take advantage of the free wi-fi spot at Rio Vista Municipal Airport.  Search for "Transit" as the ID and then enter "transitguest" as the network key.  Members of Travis Aero Club can also use their free wi-fi spot by checking in with the office manager in Suite A.