Water and Sewer Reports

Restudying Beach Sewer Rates Power Point with Talking Notes

Beach Restudy Rate Model

01.1 Beach Restudy Rate Model Summary
01.2 Beach Restudy Rate Model
01.3 Beach Restudy Expenditures by Purpose Charts
01.4 Beach Restudy Customer Specifics
01.5 Beach Restudy Summary of Model Achievements
01.6 Beach Restudy Revenues Generated – Revenues Needed – Financed Required
02.1 Beach Restudy Plant Specifics
03.1 Beach Restudy Lift Station Specifics
04.1 Beach Restudy Collection Systems and Support Specifics
04.2 Beach Restudy Fund 85 Approved FY 2011-12
04.3  Beach Restudy Support Assessment Specifics
05.1-2 Beach Restudy Capital Projects and Procurements  Specifics

Water and Sewer Repair Pictology

Edgewater Sewer Line Replacement Pic 1
Edgewater Sewer Line Replacement Pic 2
4th Street Water Line Repair Pic 3
4th Street Sinkhole Pic 4
4th Street SInkhole 2 Pic 5
Edgewater Sewer Line Pic 6

Water and Sewer Survey

The City has developed a brief survey to get a better understanding of the public's knowledge on the development of the water and sewer rates.  The survey is designed to also allow citizens to request information on specifics pertaining to the water and sewer rates.

Your input and cooperation is vital so that City staff can provide the citizens with accurate information based on the results of the survey.

To complete the survey, click on the following link:

November  2010 – Questions pertaining to water & sewer services
January  2011 – Questions pertaining to water & sewer services

Recap of Water and Sewer Unplanned Expenses 

Over the last two years, staff has been gathering information on the location and cost of all unplanned repairs/temporary fixes that have occurred to the City's water and sewer system.  That information has now been compiled in the attached spreadsheet that reflect the month of the incident, the location, staff costs for repairs, contractor time and total cost of all the incidents.

This information is being provided to the citizens to keep them better informed of the costs associated with the operations of the water and sewer system within the City.

Water Unplanned Repairs Spreadsheet
Sewer Unplanned Repairs Spreadsheet

Water Unplanned Repairs Spreadsheet
Sewer Unplanned Repairs Spreadsheet

Water and Wastewater Rate Study

In 2006, the City entered into a contract with Munifinancial to prepare a Water and Wastewater rates study for the City.  Over a two year period the City provided Munifinancial with information necessary to develop rates.The final water and wastewater rate study was completed and are attached below for your review. The information is being provided to our citizens to apprise you of the method used to calculate the water and sewer rates.

Water Rate Study
Sewer Rate Study