Water and Sewer Information

Water and wastewater services are provided by the City of Rio Vista.  A new resident must fill out a Utility Application Form form and submit it to the Finance Department to establish new service at a property.  For a single family residential rental property, the account may be set up in either the landlords’ or tenants’ name depending upon the lease/rental agreement.  In the case of units housing more then one family, ie. apartments, duplexes, the utility account may only be put into the tenants name if there is a separate meter installed for each unit.  Otherwise the service must remain in the landlords/property owners name.

The City bills for utilities in arrears and a monthly statement is normally generated and mailed 3 working days after the end of the month for which services were received.  The bill is due upon receipt and late if payment is not received in the Finance Department by the 30th of the month.  The one exception is February, when payment is due by the 28th.  For more information on the utility billing and procedures, please refer to Section 13.04.010 of Chapter 13.04 of the Rio Vista Municipal Code.

In case of dispute as to payment of a bill previously rendered, the customer will be required to present the receipted bill, a copy of the canceled check (front & back), or other satisfactory evidence before adjustment or corrections shall be made.

As long as services are being provided to a property address, a bill will continue to be generated.  In order to stop the service billing, a consumer may request temporary discontinuance of service for a period not less than one month.  Any consumer desiring to temporarily discontinue water service shall submit notification in writing or on the
Utility Discontinuance Form to the Finance Department, specifying a definite date, the same being a working day, during which water service shall be discontinued.  Within 24 hours of receipt of the request, the services will be locked off at the property by City employees.  For more information on temporary discontinuance of services, please refer to Section 13.04.143 of Chapter 13.04 of the Rio Vista Municipal Code.

The entire City of Rio Vista Municipal Code can be reviewed by Clicking Here.

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To view information about Water Discontinuation Policy and Notice, please click on the link below.

Water Discontinuation Policy and Notice