Whatever your ability, age, gender, race, religion or schedule, there is a way for you to become a part of this exciting and rewarding program.  Volunteering is an important way to take ownership in your community.  Come join us and make the City of Rio Vista an even better place to live!!!!


 The City of Rio Vista has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in the following areas:  
Administrative Aide       File Management Clerk in City Clerks Office 
Fire Dept. Administrative Assistant        Phone Assistant
Camera Operator Police Volunteers
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

How do I become a Volunteer?

  • 1.  Complete a Volunteer Application Form and either bring it in to City Hall, Administration Department, or mail it to Volunteer Services at:
    City of Rio Vista
    One Main Street
    Rio Vista, CA  94571

You may also review the Volunteer Policy.

  • 2.  The application will be reviewed and staff will contact the applicant by phone to help determine what program area would be appropriate.
  • 3.  The application will then be referred to the appropriate department who will arrange to meet with the candidate and determine placement.
  • 4.  Once the applicant has been placed, a livescan and drug screen will be administered at no cost to the applicant.
  • 5.  When the applicant has successfully passed the livescan and drug screen, staff will orient the volunteer to their new position.It’s that easy.

For more information about volunteering, you may contact Administration by calling
(707) 374-6451.

Download the Volunteer Handbook here