Volunteer Programs

Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) perform many valuable functions for the Police Department. Under the supervision of police personnel, VIPS work inside the department and assist with data entry, telephone coverage, and special programs. Programs under consideration for volunteer assistance will be coming soon and include:

Community Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
A Community Neighborhood Watch Coordinator will assist in providing information to neighborhood wishing to start a Neighborhood Watch Program, and  assist in scheduling police personnel for presentations to the group.

Grant Writers
Grant writing is critical to small departments, especially during economic downturns.Someone with experience in local government grant writing would be a big plus for us.

Kids Safety Fair Coordinator
A Safety Fair Coordiantor would assist in scheduling events and participants, arranging activities and assisting with volunteer supervision at the event. This is an event that is beneficial to our children and we are hopeful that the event can be held yearly.