City Treasurer: James Nordin

The City Treasurer is elected for a term of four years. As custodian of all public funds, the City Treasurer, with the cooperation and assistance of the Finance Department, receives all monies coming into the local financial institutions.

This office reconciles fund balances and bank balances and provides monthly reports to the City Clerk and City Council.


The Treasurer is responsible for the safety and investment for all city funds. The City Treasurer maintains the City’s investments, the primary investment vehicle being the State of California’s Local Agency Investment Fund (L.A.I.F.)  In order to maintain a good investment program the City Treasurer must have a good cash flow analysis of funds coming into the City, as well as funds being paid out. The Treasurer can then place the funds in various legal investments that will yield the highest return to the City over the terms of the investments.

The City Treasurer’s responsibilities include, receipt, custody and management of funds, investment of funds and deposit of funds in accordance with the procedures set forth in Government Code 53630 and Government Code 41001-41007.