Traffic Questions

Q.  My car/truck was towed and stored or impounded by the Rio Vista Police, how do I get it out?
A.  The records division handles tow releases during regular office hours posted on our home page.  Due to staff shortages it is advisable to make an appointment to avoid waiting or multiple trips to the police station.
If your vehicle was impounded for 30-Days you may request a tow hearing.  Tow hearings are provided by appointment only.  Vehicles impounded for 30 days will not be released before 30 days unless authorized through the hearing process.
In order to make the process move as smoothly as possible please be prepared to:

  1. Have your report number, license plate number or the name of the driver when the vehicle was towed available.
  2. The registered owner must be present – we cannot release to anyone but the registered owner. The registered owner must provide identification with a photo. If the registered owner is incarcerated the jail can provide a vehicle release form for completion by the registered owner. If the registered owner is not available the department will accept a notarized letter authorizing the police department to release the vehicle to another individual.
  3. The vehicle must be currently registered. If the vehicle is not currently registered a one day moving permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles must be provided.
  4. There must be two licensed drivers present when the vehicle is released.
  5. Proof of insurance must be provided at the time of release.
  6. The vehicle release fee is $150 payable in cash or money order.  We are not able to accept credit cards or checks.  The fee does not include the tow fee and storage fees accrued at the tow yard.

Q.  What should I do if I lose my traffic citation or I have a question regarding it?

A.  You may get a copy of your traffic citation issued by a Rio Vista police officer at the police station during normal business hours. There is a nominal fee for copies of citations. It may be necessary for you to wait until staff is available to produce the copy or you may need to return at a later time to pick up a copy of your citation.
If you have a question regarding your traffic citation and you are an adult call the Solano County Court, Traffic Division at 707 421-7460. Juveniles should call 707 421-7631 with questions regarding citations.
If you received a parking citation or a mechanical violation and you have a question please follow the instructions provided  on the bottom of the citation or call 1800 818-1832.
We cannot accept payment of fines at the Police Department.

Q.  Can I obtain a copy of my traffic collision report?
A.  Yes you can request copy of the report.  Please have your report number and the names of the drivers involved. It may be necessary for you to wait until staff is available to produce the report or it may be necessary for you to return at a later time to pick up a copy of your report. There is a nominal fee for the production of reports.