Streets Department

Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance is responsible for assessing, planning, and improving all infrastructure items related to street maintenance. Specifically, it provides pavement maintenance, street sweeping, and bridge and roadside maintenance. Pavement maintenance activities include performing timely street pavement overlays using concrete and various sealing techniques; pot hole patching; replacing failed pavement base materials and asphalt concrete surfacing; pavement crack sealing; spot paving to repair localized pavement distortions and failures; all in accordance with the City’s Pavement Management Program to ensure the work is done in a cost effective manner. Street sweeping includes scheduled monthly sweeping of 61 curb miles of residential and commercial streets, and bicycle lanes. Bridge and roadside maintenance include routine maintenance and repair of bridges and culverts; repair and replacement of guardrails, sound walls, and retaining wall structures; and roadway shoulder grading, vegetation trimming, and cleanup.

Street Sweeping

The City of Rio Vista applied for, and received, a grant from the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District's "Clean Air Funds" for the purpose of replacing our street sweeper.  The grant was awarded and we recently received our new street sweeper.  Staff attempts to sweep the city streets every Friday, as time and weather conditions permit, however, streets are swept on an "as needed" basis during certain seasons, depending on weather, leaves, and other causes that require storm drain clearing and other safety issues.  The street sweeping schedule is set up to optimize clean downtown, residential and business area streets, as conditions, time and staffing permits.