Police Reports

Q.  Can anybody get a copy of a report?
Everybody is entitled to some information, however not everybody is entitled to all information.
We release reports according to the Public Records Act provisions.  You can access the Public Records Act by clicking on the link on our Links and Information page.  There may be a nominal charge for the report.

Q.  How do I report a crime in progress?
A. Call 911immediately.  Provide the dispatcher with as many details as possible.  Officers will be dispatched to the location, and a report will be taken once the emergency has passed.

Q.  Who should I call to make a report about a crime that has already taken place or there is no immediate danger to anyone?
A.  Call dispatch at 374-2300.  The dispatcher will take your information and a police officer will repond to take your report.  Your may also come to the police station to file your non-emergency report during normal office hours.  Keep in mind emergency calls take priority over non-emergencies, you may need to wait for an officer to be available.

Q.  How do I report  a traffic accident?
A.  If you see and accident or are involved in an accidenty with injuries involved call 911.
If no one is injured in the accident call dispatch at 374-2300 and follow the instructions of
the dispatcher.