Police Records Section

The records section is responsible for the ensuring the accuracy, security, completeness and the lawful distribution of all police records.  Records personnel also provide a variety of other services to the public.

Local Record Checks – Local records checks can be run by our department and a letter can be obtained indicating the status of a Rio Vista .  If you wish to obtain a complete criminal history you can do so through the Department of Justice (go to our Links and Information tab and click on Department of Justice for more information.)

Letter of Clearance – Occasionally you may find the need for a letter of clearance by your local law enforcement agency to travel in or purchase property in a foreign country.  The letter of clearance is  generally requested by the Consulate and requires a local record check.  There is a nominal fee for the check and production of the letter.

Live Scan Services – Live scan is the electronic processing of fingerprinting.  It is a more advanced, cleaner, easier and faster method of processing fingerprinting.  There is a rolling fee charged by the police department and there may be additional fees payable to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and DOJ (Department of Justice).  Contractors, mental health providers, nurses, education staff, church volunteers, Little League coaches, city volunteers, and some business licensees are now required to be scanned before licenses are issued.  You must have an appointment to be scanned.  The process generally takes twenty to thirty minutes and is done at the Police Department.

Pet Licensing – Save yourself a trip to Fairfield or a postage stamp.

Request for Copies of Records and Citations 
–  Copies of reports are available per the Public Records Act.  There is a nominal fee for the production of records and citations.

Tow Releases – If you vehicle is towed by the Police Department you must obtain a release from the Police Department during normal business hours before you can pick your vehicle up.  The release fee must be paid in cash or by money order please see Tow Release in  Frequently Asked Questions -Traffic for more information.