Police Department FAQs

We receive many questions from the public daily.  The top questions we receive are:

Q.  When should I call 911?
A.  911 is to be used for any emergency that may result in injurty to you or another party, or when reporting a crime in progress.  911 should NOT be used to report "cold" crimes (crimes not in progress), or other routine matters.

Q.  When should I call dispatch?
A.  Dispatch should be called when you wish to report suspicious circumstances or persons in your neighborhood, report a non-injury accident, nuisance activities or to report a "cold" crime. You should also call dispatch when  you wish to speak with an officer regarding a possible criminal matter, file a police report, or have a citation signed off.

Q. Can I report a crime and remain anonymous?
The Police Department encourages crime reporting, and while it is helpful to have information on who is reporting crimes or incident, we will investigate reports received anonymously. You may call our dispatch number at 374-2300 to report crimes or incidents requiring an officer.

Q. What can I do about barking dogs in my neighborhood?
Rio Vista Police Department contract with Humane Animal Services for animal issues. You may report any type of animal incident to dispatch at 374-2300. In urgent situations, an officer will respond. For non-threatening loose dogs or barking dogs, Humane Animal Services will be sent to investigate. Please remember however that if there is a dog barking in your neighborhood that is normally well behaved and not prone to continuous barking to report that to the dispatcher taking the call. This type of barking may be caused by suspicious activity in your neighborhood.