Patrol and Field Services

Extra Patrol
If there is unusual activity occurring in your neighborhood or business in Rio Vista, you can contact the department for extra patrol. Contact the department at 374-6366.

House Watch
Rio Vista residents going on vacation days may request a vacation house watch. Officers will check for signs of unusual activity at your property to the extent they are able. Residents needing a house watch must come to the Police Department during regular business hours to complete a request form.

Radar Trailer
The Police Department has a radar trailer that encourages good driving behavior by displaying the speed of approaching vehicles. It can be used in neighborhoods as a traffic calming device if requested. It is also used around schools to remind drivers to drive safely in the presence of children.

Reader Board
The Police Department has two reader boards similar to those used by Cal Trans for motorist traffic information. The reader boards are placed in neighborhoods and around school zones to announce programs such as “Click-It or Ticket,” a seat belt safety program, City events such as the recycling programs and community traffic alerts for special events.  The reader boards are also used to direct traffic or to provide updated conditions during emergency situations.

Ticket Sign-Off
Citations commonly known as “Fix-it tickets” are violations where an officer has advised the citation can be signed off once the violation is corrected, such as headlights out.  Citizens can meet with officers at the Police Department during normal business hours to have the violation checked and signed off. Please be aware that an officer may not be available when you arrive, so allow sufficient time for an officer to become available to come into the station to assist you.

Tow Hearings
Individuals who have had a vehicle towed and the vehicle is impounded on a 30 day hold may schedule a tow hearing with the sergeant responsible for such hearings. To schedule a tow hearing, contact the Police Department at 374-6366 during normal business hours to make an appointment.  Please refer the traffic section of Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information on towed vehicles and hearings.

Traffic Enforcement
The Rio Vista Police Department has 2 motorcycles used in a part-time capacity by one officer and one sergeant.  The motorcycles, purchased through a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, allow the officers to respond quickly to traffic-related calls and conduct enforcement along the City’s roadways.  The officers use handheld and portable RADAR and LIDAR units to ensure motorists are driving within established speed limits.  If you have a specific traffic concern please contact the Department during business hours at 374-6366 so a Service Request Form can be completed.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Verifications
Individuals needing VIN verifications can meet with officers at the Police Department during normal business hours. Please be aware that an officer may not be available when you arrive, so allow sufficient time for an officer to become available to come into the station to assist you. There is a charge for this service. Please contact 374-6366 for the current charge for this service.

Vicious Animal Hearings
Individuals who have had an animal impounded as a vicious animal may request a hearing. The hearing, as a general rule, includes a Police Department member and a representative from Humane Animal Services which requires an appointment be made in advance. You may schedule a hearing with the sergeant responsible for such hearings. To schedule a hearing, contact the Police Department at 374-6366 during normal business hours to make an appointment and to determine what charges, if any, might apply.


Safe Baby Surrender

The Safe Surrender Baby Law allows a parent or person with lawful custody to surrender a baby confidentially, without fear of arrest or prosecution for child abandonment. This law allows for at least a 14-day cooling off period, which begins the day the child is voluntarily surrendered. The Police Department has been designated Safe Surrender Baby Site. If the office is closed, use the RED telephone located by the front door to have an officer respond to assist.

Child Safety Fair

When funding allows, the Police Department sponsors a yearly Child Safety Fair. The event is designed to promote interaction between public safety officers and the children of Rio Vista. Events include child fingerprinting, bicycle safety, stranger danger, child safety seat inspections, and hands on activities to educate and promote safety.

Parent Project
The Parent Project is a parenting skills program designed specifically for parents with strong-willed or out of control children. The Parent Project addresses the critical issues parents face and offer practical no-nonsense solutions. The program teaches parents more than communications skills, it teaches proven solutions that turn children away from destructive behaviors. The Rio Vista Police Department provides an instructor for each 16 week program taught in Rio Vista. The group meets once a week for two to three hour sessions and parents who have attended have reported good results from the skills they have learned. To find out more information on Parent Project classes, please call 374-6366 during normal business hours.

Every 15 Minutes
Every 15 minutes someone dies as a result of an alcohol related collision. Rio Vista Police Department is proud to work with our high school and other agencies such paramedics, firefighters, rescue helicopter crews, students and many volunteers to bring this program to Rio Vista High School every two years. The program is a realistic reenactment of a fatal alcohol related accident involving a high school student. The program is presented to students, parents, teachers and community members over a two day period to stress the emotional impact of an alcohol related death on victims, families and friends.

Safe Routes to School
The Solano Transportation Authority’s Safe Routes to School program is intended to improve the safety of pedestrian and bicycle modes of student travel by enhancing related infrastructure and programs and to provide safe passage to schools. Rio Vista’s DH White and Riverview Middle School are the schools receiving Safe Routes attention. The Police Department is the public safety representative to this group dedicated to improving the routes children use to get to and from schools.

Highway 12
State Route 12, which runs through Rio Vista, and connects with Interstate 80 on the Fairfield side and Interstate 5 on the Lodi side, is known as a “blood alley,” due to the high number of injury and fatal collisions.  The Solano Transportation Authority has had improvements to Highway 12 included in its projects planning for years, but in 2007, when there were six fatalities on the highway in one month, STA realized more urgent action was needed. Rio Vista residents, Council members and the Police Department have participated in the Highway 12 committee to work with the STA on finding the best solutions to this dangerous road. Rio Vista was instrumental in having Highway 12 designated as a double fine zone and officers routinely do traffic enforcement on Highway 12 to slow drivers down, reduce accidents and save lives. Please drive carefully when traveling on Highway 12 to Fairfield or Lodi. Save Lives, Not Time!

Avoid the Ten
Rio Vista Police Department is one of ten Solano County Law Enforcement agencies that actively participate in AVOID THE SOLANO 10 CAMPAIGN, which is an on-going effort to combat intoxicated/impaired drivers and remove them from our roadways. This program is funded by a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety. Participating agencies conduct the DUI (driving under the influence) checkpoints as well as DUI saturation patrols in each of the cities in Solano County. The cooperative effort of all agencies is the only way smaller agencies such as the Rio Vista Police Department have sufficient people and equipment to do such work.

Alliance Compliance Checks 
The mission of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Program (known now as the Alliance program in Solano County) is to educate students about the potential negative consequences of drug and alcohol use and/or abuse. Through innovative programming, peer education, campus outreach, and community collaborations, the ATOD Program serves to create a harm-free environment in which students can achieve their academic goals and acquire skills necessary for life-long success. The Rio Vista Police Department works with other Solano County agencies to perform alcohol and cigarette sales to minor compliance checks. The purpose of compliance checks is to encourage businesses selling alcohol and cigarettes in Rio Vista to obey the laws regarding sales to minor. Violators receive citations.

VSET (Vehicle Theft Suppression Enforcement Team)
The Rio Vista Police Department is one of ten Solano County Law Enforcement agencies that actively participate in a stolen vehicle suppression saturation program. Officers from all agencies provide saturation patrols to locate and recover stolen vehicles, arrest suspects and occupants of stolen vehicles, and discouraging vehicle thefts through high profile team activities. The teams travel to cities in the County to provide extra officers for this special enforcement team project.

Click It or Ticket
It only takes two seconds to buckle up that seat belt. Two seconds! And those two seconds could literally save your life. They will also keep you from getting a ticket and a fine.

Police departments throughout California will be looking for drivers and passengers who don’t buckle up during the “Click It or Ticket” seat belt enforcement campaign. And that includes passengers in the back seat. The fine for unbelted adults in the car is a minimum of $142.00, the fine for unrestrained children in the car is much higher, a minimum of $435.00 for each violation.

Community Presentations
Members of the Rio Vista Police Department are well trained and knowledgeable and are available to speak on a variety of issues important to the community including senior abuse, identity theft, gang activity and prevention, graffiti reporting and control, and issues pertaining to children. As staffing is short, it is important to contact the department to schedule community presentations well in advance of your event. Please contact 374-6366 for assistance in scheduling a speaker.