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All 2017 Issued Business Licenses

Welcome to the City of Rio Vista. Our staff is looking forward to helping you establish your business in Rio Vista and providing you with information on services and regulations.

Business License
All businesses that operate within the City of Rio Vista are required to obtain a business license. The classification of businesses and a schedule of business license fees are available below. If you have questions about business licenses, please contact us at: (707) 374-6447

The Application for a Business License below is for a New, Change, One Day or a Renewal License.

City of Rio Vista Business License Application
City of Rio Vista Business One Day License Application

Amendment to Business License Ordinance
Business License Ordinance, Chapter 5.04

Home-Based Businesses

If you operate a business from your home, you must comply with City Ordinances and standards. Home-based businesses must be clearly incidental and accessory to the use of the residence as a home. Operators of home-based businesses must fill out a Home Occupation Application along with their business license form. The City charges a Home Occupation permit fee of $135 in addition to the business license fees.

Download the Home Occupation Requirements
Download the Home Occupation Application


Locating Your Business

Before you sign a lease, purchase a commercial building, or begin operating a business from your home, check in with Rio Vista’s Planning Division to make sure that your business is an acceptable use for that property.  To talk to a planner about the zoning regulations of your planned business site, call (707) 374-6448.  They will explain where you can locate your type of business and what special requirements, if any, might apply.
Seller’s Permit
You must obtain a seller’s permit if you:
  1. Are engaged in business in California
  2. Intend to sell or lease tangible personal property that would ordinarily be subject to sales tax if sold at retail
  3. Will make sales for a temporary period, normally lasting no longer than 30 days at one or more locations (e.g. fireworks booth, Christmas tree lots, garage sale).
  4. Both wholesalers and retailers must apply for a seller’s permit. For more information, please call the State Board of Equalization Suisun City Field Office at (707) 428-2041. This office is located at 333 Sunset Avenue, Suite 330 Suisun City, CA 94585.
Federal and State Identification Numbers
If you employ workers in your business, you must have a State Identification Number and a Federal Employer Identification Number to report employee taxes. For more information, contact the State Board of Equalization at (800) 338-0505 and the Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-3676.
Fictitious Names
If you plan to use a fictitious business name (a name different from your own), you need to check with the Solano County Clerk to make sure that no one else is using that name. You can contact the County Clerk at (707) 784-7485, 675 Texas Street, Suite 1900, Fairfield, CA 94533.