Living in Rio Vista

Fishing is a Fun ActivityThe City of Rio Vista  was incorporated on December 30, 1893.  With a current population of approximately 8,200 in a 7 ½ square mile area, Rio Vista is approximately 25% developed and is currently a growing suburban community. With the land that the City annexed in the 1990s, there is adequate room for growth over the next 15-20 years.
 The City of Rio Vista is a special place with an inviting mix of rural and suburban lifestyles and easy access to all of the urban amenities associated with two of the nation’s most dynamic metropolitan regions, San Francisco and Sacramento. Rio Vita lies on the banks of the Sacramento River and is within an easy drive to the Napa Wine Country, Sierra ski resorts and Lake Tahoe.

Population and Employment

With approximately 8,200 residents, Rio Vista is poised on the brink of even more rapid residential and commercial growth. Rio Vista is forecasted to triple within 15 years, with nearly half of the residential growth to be generated by an active senior community. Trilogy will account for at least 1,500 homes in the 15 years.

Rio Vista has a total labor force of 2,400*. Unemployment in Rio Vista is approximately 8.5%*. Within thirty miles, there is a diverse labor force including occupations as sales, executive, and managerial services, technical support, medical, professional, and other services.

*Based on information from the California Employment Development Department website as of August 2009.

Proximity to Markets Within thirty minutes in any direction, there are cities with populations over 60,000 people.

• Fairfield/Suisun City – 21 miles
• Lodi – 24 miles
• Vacaville – 28 miles
• Walnut Creek – 37 miles
• Sacramento – 51 miles
• San Francisco – 59 miles
• Antioch – 16 miles

Income Distribution

Rio Vista is characterized as a middle-income suburban community with a median household income of $44,534.

Community Labor Force Availability

Civilian labor force                    2,400
Total employment                      2,300

(Based on information from California Employment Development Department website as of July 1, 2005.)

Housing Units

Within the City, there are 3,007 housing units, of which 2,873 are occupied.  The City’s housing units are primarily single-family detached homes.  Currently developers are working with the City to build between 6,000 and 8,000 houses over the next 15 years.


Go to the Official Rio Vista Delta Breeze Transit Website

Air :    Sacramento International Airport, 50 miles
Oakland International Airport, 60 miles
San Francisco International Airport, 75 miles

General Aviation Rio Vista Municipal Airport offers a 4,200 ft. runway, all weather capability

Truck :    Numerous major carriers offering overnight service to California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Water :    Barge service available on deep-water channel of Sacramento River to Sacramento/Yolo. Deep water Port facilities, 25 miles.  Barge service is to all Bay Area Ports.

Rail :    Southern Pacific Mainline – Northeast & West in Fairfield & Suisun City, 22 miles.
Amtrak in Suisun City, 22 miles

Highways :    Junction I-80/SR-12, 25 miles

Junction I-5/SR-12, 17 miles

Junction I-80/I-680, 28 miles

Junction Hwy 99/SR-12, 30 miles

Bus :    Greyhound (Intra & Inter State) in Fairfield and Suisun, 22 miles. The City operates a Paratransit bus providing bus services to surrounding cities.

Special :     UPS, Federal Express, Express Mail, Taxi Cab, Senior Van Services


The City is served by the River Delta Unified School District.  There are three schools in Rio Vista:

·         D.H. White School (K-5),

·         Riverview Elementary (6-8), and

·         Rio Vista High School (9-12).

The school district offers health screening, transportation, and food services.

Higher education facilities serving the area are:

·         Los Medanos Community College (Pittsburg),

·         Solano College (Fairfield),

·         San Joaquin Delta College (Stockton),

·         University of California at Davis (Davis),

·         California State University, Sacramento, and

·         University of the Pacific (Stockton).