H.R. Policies

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Amended Rio Vista Personnel Rules and Regulations
Injury & Illness Prevention Program Safety Policy

Every organization has a basic set of policies addressing the administration of the employment relationship. For the City of Rio Vista these policies are contained in these Personnel Rules and Regulations. These are policies which apply to employees across departments and bargaining units. Through these rules and regulations, managers, supervisors and employees can be aware of how the City addresses employment related situations in the areas of hiring, transfers, probationary periods, reinstatement, employment standards, salary administration,the filing and processing of grievances and the disciplinary process.  The City of Rio Vista has established Personnel Rules and Regulations in good faith and are intended to be in full compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes.

From time to time policies outlined in the Personnel Rules and Regulations may be modified, added, or deleted, in order to address demands on the City, in the form of service requirements of our citizens, or of new legal requirements on the City as an employer and provider of municipal services.  It is intended that these policies be a living document, one which is revised to meet the needs of the organization over time and comply with changes in applicable federal, state or local statues.

These amended rules were approved on April 18, 2013 and any necessary changes will occure through discussions involving managers and employee representatives from throughout the City. Over time, the needs of the employees and managers of the City may change.