General Information


All buses are equipped with passenger lifts for mobility devices and meets the ADA requirements. Lifts can only accommodate passengers and mobility devices that do not exceed 600 pounds combined or the size of a standard wheelchair. We recommend that all mobility devices have a working brake system. Not all bus stops are safe for deployment of the lift. If you have question about accessibility of a particular stop, please call.

As a courtesy to riders with mobility limitations, priority seating has been designated at the front of each bus. Your cooperation in yielding these seats to mobility-limited riders, the seniors and persons with disabilities is appreciated.

The bus operator will assist seniors and person with disabilities on boarding the bus or provide assistance to the door of the person’s home, upon request.

Taxi will accept the Intercity Taxi Scrip
           (with ADA

Check with the taxi company regarding fares and requirements
For Taxi Service please Call:

                  Fairfield/Suisun                                                   Vacaville/Dixon                      

Fairfield Cab               (707) 422-5555

Veteran’s Cab             (707) 421-9999

Yellow Cab                  (707) 428-4400

AA Taxi                      (707) 449-8294

Checker Cab             (707) 447-4444

Yellow Cab                 (707) 446-1144

ADA Paratransit

In-Person Eligibility Assessment Process

The City of Rio Vista/Delta Breeze and the transit operators of Solano County in coordination with the Solano Transportation Authority has initiated a new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit assessment program for all new and re-certifying applicants seeking paratransit service. This process replaces the old paper application process with an in-person assessment.

The goal is to ensure that ADA Paratransit service is available for persons who are disabled as defined by the ADA (Section 12143(c) (a) (A) (iii)).  In-person assessments are being adopted more and more throughout the County as it is an easier process for the individual as well as more accurate than the old paper application.

For additional information, please call Solano Paratransit Eligibility Call Center at: 707-541-7184 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm or call Mobility Management 1 (800) 535-6883.

Bus/Train To Delta Breeze Hold Policy

A Rio Vista Delta Breeze bus will wait up to five minutes for connecting transfers from other bus providers at major transfer points (i.e. Fairfield Transportation Center, Isleton, Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station, Antioch Park & Ride Lot, Suisun/Fairfield Amtrak Station, Lodi Station, Vacaville Transportation Center). The last trip of the night will wait up to 15 minutes beyond normal departure time upon request to ensure that all passengers are picked up. There are exceptions to the policy.


Bicycles are allowed on board all Rio Vista Delta Breeze buses. Two bicycles can be stored on the front rack. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their own bicycles. The City or its contractors are not responsible for lost, stolen or damage bicycles.
Click Here for more details on how to load a bicycle on a bus.

Lost and Found

Should you lose an item on board a Rio Vista Delta Breeze bus, please call us at (707) 374-2878. Items are held for up to 30 days before being donated to a local charity. The City and its contractors are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Emergency Ride Home

Solano Napa Commuter Information, a program of the Solano Transportation Authority provides an emergency ride home program to registered workers who use transit to get to work. To participate, you must live in Solano County and register with Solano Napa Commuter Information by calling 1-800-53KMUTE (800) 535-6883 or visit or For those that work in Contra Costa County may contact 511 Contra Costa at (925) 969-0841 or visit

Park and Ride Lot and Bicycle Lockers

Park & Ride

Lots provide a safe, convenient place to park your car so you can transfer to a prior-arranged carpool, vanpool or buspool or—depending on the Park & Ride lot. They’re usually free, although occasionally permits or fees may be required. Park & Ride Lot amenities and facilities vary as does the availability of security. Use common sense and good judgment when choosing a lot and securing your vehicle. Vehicle safety is neither guaranteed nor implied by the City of Rio Vista or its contractors. Passengers are fully responsible for their vehicles left at park and ride lot locations.

Lots listed on this site may be operated by government agencies, private businesses or community organizations.

We encourage you to visit the lot before using it to review any posted information and call the lot operator for overnight/extended parking restrictions. 
Rio Vista Delta Breeze serves the following park and ride lots:








Cadenasso Drive near West Texas Street at Beck Street at Transportation Center

Rio Vista Delta Breeze, FAST, SolTrans


Yes- Manual call
(707) 428-7635


Suisun City

Main St at Route 12

Rio Vista Delta Breeze, FAST, Capitol Corridor, Greyhound


Yes – Electronic call
(707) 374-2878


Rio Vista

Main Street at Front Street

Rio Vista


Yes – Manual – Bring Lock



Sunset Drive at Hillcrest Avenue

Rio Vista Delta Breeze, Tri Delta Transit, County Connection


Yes – Manual Call
(510) 464-7133  


Bay Point

Bailey Road at BART Access Road

Rio Vista Delta Breeze, Tri Delta Transit, BART


Yes – Manual Call
(510) 464-7133


Additional Transit Services in Rio Vista

Rio Vista Delta Breeze also offers additional transit services within Rio Vista. 

Ride with Pride Program
        Solano County

Ride with Pride is no longer based in Rio Vista

This program, which is operated by Faith in Action, provides transportation to various destinations, primarily to and from medical or social service programs.  Unlike the Caregiver Respite Program, which provides 1-to-1 transportation, this program transports several persons per vehicle, on a predetermined route.  The vehicles may be agency-owned (one 6-passenger van and one 9-passenger van) or volunteer-owned.  Volunteer dispatchers or agency staff schedules these rides.  Care recipients must be a senior who no longer drives and must be ambulatory.

To schedule a ride, you must ensure that adequate time is given for volunteer dispatchers and/or staff to schedule a ride, those needing to get to an appointment should call 24 to 48 hours ahead. Priority is given to those needing to get to medical or social service appointments.

Other destinations can include:

  • Errands
  • Senior Centers
  • Hair Salons
  • Banks

Depending upon the request and the availability of volunteers, persons with medical appointments in another city may be able to access the Ride with Pride Program.

Individual recipients are requested to make a donation of $5.00 for the round trip; however, no one is turned away for lack of funds.

For more information or to schedule a ride, call (707) 469-6667 (for Vacaville residents) or (707) 469-6668 (for the rest of the County).  For more information, e-mail: or visit