General Plan

The City of Rio Vista General Plan was adopted in 2001. The document, intended to be the “Constitution for Development” for the City, was created by the people of Rio Vista to establish their vision for the future development of the City. Each development project that requires discretionary review (staff or decision-maker interpretation of code) is evaluated as to whether it implements the vision set forth in the Plan. Consistent review of compliance with the Plan by staff, the Planning Commission and the City Council ensures that the General Plan is a living document that implements the community’s vision with each development decision. The General Plan is comprehensively reviewed every 20 years, with updates to the Housing Element every 5 years and is also updated in response to project or topic-specific items on a limited basis. 

Title Page

Table of ContentsThe Community's Vision
Chapter One Introduction
Chapter Two Community Vision
Chapter Three Planning Constraints & Boundaries
Chapter Four Land Use
Chapter Five Community Character & Design
Chapter Six Housing
Chapter Seven Economic Development
Chapter Eight Circulation & Mobility
Chapter Nine Open Space & Recreation
Chapter Ten Resource Conservation & Management
Chapter Eleven Safety & Noise
Chapter Twelve Public Facilities & Services
Chapter Thirteen Policy & Implementation Summary
Glossary of Terms