General Plan Working Group

During its August 3, 2021, regular meeting the City Council discussed options for completing a comprehensive update of the City of Rio Vista General Plan. Based on the age of the current General Plan (adopted on 2001), the growth of the community that has occurred over the past 20 years, and the numerous changes to State law regarding the required content of the General Plan, the City Council determined an update of the General Plan is appropriate and required.

A General Plan Working Group (GPWG) of approximately seven persons was established that will include City Council members, Planning Commissioners, and members of the public.

GPWG members and email addresses:

City Council Members

Walt Stanish  Primary
Edwin Okamura Primary
Rick Dolk Alternate

Planning Commissioners

Tom Donnelly: Primary
Emmette Holtslander Primary
Lisa Duke At-large Alternate


Lisa Hechtman Primary
Maryellen Lamothe Primary
Arthur Darden Primary
Judith Adamson Alternate











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