Fire Prevention

The Rio Vista Fire Department is committed to to engaging in fire prevention activities that make Rio Vista a friendly – and safe  – community in which to live, work and play. We also believe that fire prevention is a shared responsibility with the community and we strive to actively encourage citizens, community groups, and local businesses to join our prevention efforts.

Prevention:  The act of keeping something from occurring; effectual hindrance.

Fire prevention is, first and foremost, about stopping fires from occurring.  However, included in that term is the prevention of explosions, accidental release of hazardous materials, and other conditions hazardous to life. property, or public welfare.

The Rio Vista Fire Department Fire Prevention Program consists of three components; Education, Engineering and Enforcement.  Together these three components are known as the “Three E’s of fire  prevention.


Members of the Department provided numerous educational programs and special events to a variety of audiences throughout the year.  For example, young children benefit from learning the difference between “:good” and “bad” fires, learning to crawl low in smoke, and practicing “stop, drop, and roll.  We help educate adults of all ages about the need for developing home exit plans and conducting home exit drills, the proper placement and maintenance of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and the use of portable fire extinguishers.  Importantly, we interject education into our fire inspection program by taking the time to explain why a particular violation is hazardous and how it can be corrected.  We believe that business owners and employees who have been educated about the “whys” of fire safety will be more vigilant about maintaining a fire safe place of business year around.


The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts plan reviews of proposed construction projects, building remodels, and developments projects in the City and Delta Fire Protection District, including the review of fire and life safety systems and their intended use.  Field inspections are conducted to ensure that newly-constructed buildings meet the latest local and state building and fire codes and that fire and life safety systems have been properly installed, helping to ensure the safety of those in the City and District.


Members of the Department inspect existing businesses and properties for fire code violations and educate owners, managers, and employees about the safe handling, use, and proper storage of hazardous materials per the California Fire Code and other state laws.  We also conduct testing of fire and life safety systems, such as fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems and conduct inspections of special events such as fairs, carnivals, and fireworks displays.

Fire Department Enforcement Forms:
Plans & Permit Application
Fire Code Variance Request Application

Engine Company Inspection Program:

One of the goals of the Rio Vista Fire Department’s Fire & Life Safety Inspection Program is to annually inspect all businesses, apartment buildings and other occupancies within the City of Rio Vista.  Given that there are over 350 such occupancies to inspect every year, the Fire Chief has identified the need to share the inspection workload between the Fire Marshal and the engine companies.  Beginning July 1, 2010, the Department officially initiated the formal engine company inspection program.  All three of the engine companies have been trained and equipped to conduct inspections, focusing primarily on business offices, retail establishments, and schools.

Once each year, all commercial and business occupancies in the City should be contacted by either the Fire Marshal or one of the engine companies to schedule a fire & life safety inspection.  During an inspection, trained personnel assist business owners and managers in identifying conditions that may be hazardous to life and/or property.  The city fee schedule does include a fire inspection fee.  The fee amount is based on the size of the occupancy being inspected, and ranges from $48 to $120.  If a particular occupancy engages in an activity requiring a special fire code permit (for example, welding or storing hazardous materials), an additional permit fee will apply.

Fire Department Standards:
Standard 3.1 Apparatus Access 
Standard 3.2 Weed Abatement
Standard 3.4 Residential Lock Box Program
Standard 3.5 Fire Hydrants
Standard 3.6 Fire and Life Safety Inspections
Standard 3.7 Fireworks
Standard 3.10 Large Family Day Care
Standard 3.11 Above Ground Tanks 
Standard 4.1 Cannabis Industry
Standard 4.2 Cannabis Statement of Intended use