Fire Department FAQs

Q. How many emergency calls does Rio Vista respond to a year?
A.  In 2014 we had in excess of 1400 emergency responses.

Q.  What is the staffing level of the department?
A.  We are staffed 24/7 with 3 personnel, a Captain, an Engineer and Firefighter Paramedic.  We augment this staffing with Volunteer/Reserves in an effort to get 5 on the initial response.

Q. What type of equipment does the fire department have?
A.  .  We have 2 Type 1 engines, 1 type 2 engine, 1 brush unit, 1 light rescue unit, 1 water tender, and a 95' aerial platform.

Q.  I have tried calling the station but no one answers the phone.
A.  We are working on expanding our volunteer staff in the office but we as of yet do not have full coverage and the firefighters were probably out on an emergency call.  You can leave a message on the recorder and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Q.  How can I determine which is the closest fire station to my residence?
A.  Currently there is only one fire station serving the residents of Rio Vista, and it is located at 350 Main Street.  A second station is being planned that will serve the western portion of the city.

Q.  Do you have an Explorer program?
A.  Yes, and you can obtain more information about it by clicking on the Explorer tab on the left of your screen.

Q.  Why do you have so much equipment and a such a large station for the size of Rio Vista.
A.  What you are actually seeing is two separate fire departments and two adjoining fire stations.  The station with the apparatus doors facing Main Street is Rio Vista's, and the one with the doors facing Fourth Street is Montezuma Fire Protection District that services the unincorporated county areas outside the city limits. 

Q.  Why do other fire departments respond to emergencies within Rio Vista.
A.  We have automatic aid and mutual aid agreements with the neighboring departments as well as with the other Fire Departments within Solano County.  These agreements were developed to lend assistance on emergency calls that we would not have enough staffing or equipment to handle.