Director of Finance/City Treasurer:
Jen Lee

Phone (707) 374-6451 X 1118
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Residential Water/Sewer Bills:   (707) 374-6451 X 1120
Payroll:  (707) 374-6451 X 1124
Commercial Water Bills & Accounts Payable:   (707) 374-6451 X 1119
Accounts Receivable:   (707) 374-6451 X 1117

* City Hall is closed Fridays, weekends and Holidays*

The Finance Department provides internal support to other City departments and external support to other government agencies by providing financial information to facilitate their decision making process.

As the custodian of the City funds, Finance provides daily and strategically sound financial management to ensure public trust in the City Council and City departments.

In addition to processing all daily financial transactions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, Finance performs reliable, detailed fiscal analysis for financial planning and forecasting.

It also actively manages and oversees implementation of Council policies by maintaining control of the annual budget and implementation of accurate accounting and recording of City expenditures, revenues, and reserves.

The Finance Department is responsible for budget preparation and development, financial reporting, auditing, investments, debt management, accounts payable, revenue collection, and payroll.