Fair Political Practices

It is required by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) that Rio Vista post the names and positions / titles of those mandatory filers of the Statement of Economic Interest – Form 700 which are forwarded to the FPPC.  They are listed below:


City Council:

Ronald Kott, Mayor

​David Hampton, Vice Mayor

Rick Dolk, Council Member

​Debra King, Council Member

Walt Stanish, Council Member

Planning Commissioners:

Tom Donnelly, Chairman

Edwin Okamura, Vice Chairman

Clinton Scholting, Commissioner

Barry Fraser, Commissioner

Emilio Torres, Commissioner

Bartley Porter Commissioner

Robie Williams, Commissioner


City Manager:
Rob Hickey
City Attorney:
Mona Ebrahimi

Copies of these SEIs (Form 700) may be obtained by visiting:

California Fair Political Practices Commission  
428 J Street, Suite 620 • Sacramento, CA  95814
Telephone: (916) 322-5660
The Rio Vista City Council, City Manager, City Attorney and Treasurer FPPC Form 700s may be viewed by  CLICKING HERE
The Rio Vista City Clerk’s Office 
1 Main Street
Rio Vista, CA 94571
Telephone: (707) 374-6451 X 1102

Ethics Training Certificates for Rio Vista’s elected officials and members serving on Council-sanctioned commissions or committees, identified in the City’s adopted Conflict of Interest Code, are available for review in the City Clerk’s office.

FPPC also requires each agency post on its website the following Form 806, which lists Rio Vista’s elected officials who were appointed to serve on other boards and receive compensation:
Agency Report of Public Official Appointments  FPPC Form 806