Downtown Area

Perhaps it's the allure of river towns as they were described by Mark Twain in works like "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Tom Sawyer".

Maybe it's a deeply rooted longing that all humans have, whether they grew up in a bustling city or an endless track of modern suburbia to enjoy a slower paced existence.

​Perhaps it's just the natural deceleration that time seems to have in a place where a mighty tract of water moves slowly and inexorably towards the sea, season after season.

Whatever the attraction is, talk to people who have lived in Rio Vista for most of their life and you'll get the sense that peace is as prevalent in the hearts of local residents as picket fences are abundant on the back streets of our sleepy river city.

Come and relocate yourself and/or your business in Downtown Rio Vista and soon, you too, will feel and enjoy the peace, serenity and allure that our town has to offer.