Crime Prevention

Many  Rio Vista residents grew up here, raised their children and their grandchildren here.  They never locked the doors to the house or the car, windows were seldom locked and very often left open when no one was home, and in many cases the keys to the car could always be found in the ignition.  But times are changing; Rio Vista has very little violent crime and continues to be a safe community but it is not exempt from crime.

The most important thing you can do to help prevent crime is to CALL THE POLICE TO REPORT A CRIME OR ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY.  You can be the eyes of your neighborhood.

You can help protect yourself, your car, your home and your family by following a few simple tips.

Theft and Auto Theft Prevention Tips

  1. Never leave you car running unattended, even just to run into the post office or a business for just a minute.
  2. Never leave the keys in your car, inside the garage or in a hide-a-key box.
  3. Always roll up the windows and lock the car, even if it is parked in front of you home or in your driveway.
  4. Never leave valuables (purses, keys, jewelry, presents, etc.) in plain view, even if the car is locked – put them in the trunk out of sight if they must remain in the car.
  5. When possible, always park in well-lighted, high traffic areas.
  6. Never leave personal identification documents, vehicle ownership title, credit cards, company  identification cards, driver’s license, etc.
  7. If you valet park leave only the key to the ignition of your vehicle.
  8. Write your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your license number on a card and keep it with you – police will need this information if your vehicle is stolen.

Burglary Basics

  1. Make your home look occupied and make it difficult to break in.
  2. Leave your lights, TV and/or the radio on when you leave the house.  If you are going to be gone for any length of time connect some of your lamps and small appliances to automatic timers that will turn them on and off at various times of the day and night.
  3. Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed.  Always lock your doors even if you are only planning on being gone for a short time.
  4. If you must leave your windows open for ventilation while you sleep install devices that will not allow the window to open wide enough for someone to enter or reach into remove the device.
  5. Keep the door from the garage into the house locked.
  6. Never leave your garage door open.
  7. Arrange for a reliable friend or neighbor to pick up newspapers and mail daily while your are away or stop all deliveries of mail or newspapers while you are gone.
  8. If you will be gone for an extended time, arrange for your lawn to be mowed.
  9. Check the locks and doors on your windows and replace them as needed.  Push button locks on doors are easy for burglars to open and should be replaced with deadbolt locks on your outside doors.
  10. Sliding glass doors are vulnerable but there are special locks available to secure them.

Don’t tempt a thief

  1. Keep lawn mowers, barbeque’s, bicycles stored out of sight.
  2. Always lock garden sheds and garages
  3. Cover basement and garage windows with curtains or blinds.
  4. Never leave notes on the door  (back soon, gone shopping, etc)

Locks will help, make sure they are high quality.

  1. Change your locks immediately if your keys are lost or stolen.
  2. When you move into a new home change the locks immediately; you have no way of knowing who may have keys to your new home.

Outside prevention tool and activities

  1. Never leave your door under the doormat, in flower pots, mailboxes or secret hiding places – burglars know where to look.
  2. Trim your shrubbery around windows and doors so burglars don’t have a place to hide.
  3. Install lighting with motion detectors.

Alarms are always a possibility and are often provide peace of mind to homeowners when they are home or on vacation.

If your home is broken into:

  1. Do not enter your home if you see visible signs that your home has been broken into – the perpetrator may still be inside.
  2. Use your cell phone or a neighbor’s phone to call police – Rio Vista dispatch 374-2300.
  3. Do not touch anything or clean up until after the police have instructed you to do so.
  4. Write down the license plate and a description of any suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles in the area
  5. If you see a suspicious person in the area, make notes so you can provide the police with information, clothing, heights, weight, ethnicity, hair color etc.

 Theft at Work

  1. Don’t leave purses or wallets in plain sight or in unsecured drawers – lock them up, even if planning    to be away for only a few minutes.
  2. Use the locking function of your computer to lock the device when away from it.  Don’t leave passwords out in plain sight or readily found.
  3. Don’t allow unknown persons to “piggyback” when entering a building – if you workplace has a secure entry system, allow each person to utilize their own access card/key.
  4. If you see an unknown person wandering through your office or place of employment and they have no reason to be there, call the Police Department Dispatch number at 374-2300.
  5. Ensure all workplace visitors are escorted by employees.