Council Policies and Procedures

The City Council is the Policy body of the City. As such, the Council has the responsibility to make decisions appropriate to a municipality and the general welfare of its citizens.

The Council acts as a body and no member has greater power than any other. The Mayor and Vice Mayor may have additional administrative and ceremonial responsibilities, but all members have equal say and vote, although individual members may disagree with decisions of the majority, which bind the Council to a course of action.

To memorialize the duties of the Council as a whole and establish procedures and conduct at City Council meeting, on May 6, 2010 the City Council adopted its first General Polices and Procedures.  The Policies and Procedures address a variety of issues including, but not limited to, the Role of the Mayor and Council, Duties and Responsibilities of Councilmembers, Representation on area and regional boards, Relationship with staff, Compensation, Council communication, and Council meeting times.

The General City Council Policies and Procedures may be amended at anytime upon approval of the City Council.

For a copy of the General City Council Policies and Procedures click HERE