Commissions and Committees


Rio Vista welcomes and encourages residents’ active participation in serving on one or more commissions and committees that act as advisory groups to the elected City Council. Commissions’ primary roles are to make recommendations to the City Council on policy matters, review specific subjects and carry out assignments as directed by the City Council or as prescribed by law.

Commissions and Committees are not involved in the administration or operation of City departments and are prohibited from directing staff to initiate programs or projects. Additionally, advisory bodies may not conduct major studies or establish official policy without the approval of the City Council.

Currently, there are four Commissions and three Committees as follows:
•  Airport Advisory Commission
•  Park & Recreation Commission
•  Planning Commission

•  Public Safety Oversight Commission
•  Army Base Steering Committee

•  Investment & Financial Review Committee
•  Water & Wastewater Monitoring Committee

Commission and various board vacancies are filled by Mayoral appointment and confirmed by a majority vote of the entire City Council

City Commission and Committee Application Form

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