Building Permit Process

Standard BUILDING Permit Submittal Requirements.

A variety of permits are required for both residential and commercial uses, construction, and development projects in the City. Prior to operating a business, taking tenancy in a secondary residential unit or starting a construction project, please contact City staff to confirm whether you may need a permit. It is always better to err on the side of caution. We are here to give you back up support to ensure your plans go as smoothly as possible and your construction project is built according to the latest building safety requirements and best quality. Permit forms, submittal requirement sheets and fee schedules are available at City hall and may also be found by: Clicking Here.
Building Permit Fees.
Building Permit Processing Fees and development Impact Fees are updated annually. Fee schedules are also available online and at City Hall in the Community Development Department located at One Main Street in Rio Vista, CA. It is important to note, when you are calculating costs for your project, that the City also collects fees for the County of Solano and the State of California. In addition, the Delta Unified School District may also require submittal of school impact fees; if your project is qualified for a fee waiver, an approved waiver form must be obtained from the School District prior to issuance of a building permit. The District Office is located in Rio Vista at 445 Montezuma Street. To view their website, please Click Here 
Planning Division Review Requirements
Planning and Building Division staff work together to help permit applicants identify land use development design or use options that implement the laws the community has created for itself. The Department's goal is to continually improve our efficiency and effectiveness in our charter to help each resident, property and business owner through the permitting and design process.  We want to help make the applicant's construction and/or development idea a reality and encourage your input on how we can improve our service to you balanced with the interests of the community as a whole.
Zoning Compliance.
It is important to keep in mind that zoning compliance review may require submittal of a commercial or non-standard residential construction project to the Planning Commission for review some time before the building permit can be reviewed and often before the plans can be plan-checked for compliance with Building Code. The Planning Commission holds regular meetings every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. All meetings are open to the public. Because the Commission meets only once a month, zoning compliance clearance is an important first step in moving a permit through the process. While many building permits do not require discretionary review (are not permitted by right or require more thorough analysis), the one time you attempt to skip this process may be the one time your project is significantly delayed.

Home Occupation Permits are required for home-based businesses. If you operate a business from your home, you must comply with City Ordinances and standards. Home-based businesses must be clearly incidental and accessory to the use of the residence as a home. Operators of home-based businesses must fill out a Home Occupation Application along with their business license form. The City charges a Home Occupation permit fee of $135 in addition to the business license fee and must be submitted with the application. Please contact staff as early as possible to discuss whether the following permits or review may also be required:
·                     Special Event or Use Permits.
·                     Sign Permit
·                     Environmental Review.
Other Municipal Code Requirements.
Much of the Building Division 's day-to-day work focuses on reviewing compliance with the Building Code to ensure that buildings are built and remodeled to meet life and safety requirements. The Building Division also works with other City Departments to enforce standards to protect the public welfare and to improve property values through the enforcement of nuisance abatement and other municipal codes
The Development Review Committee (DRC) is a committee made up of all of the City’s department heads e.g. Fire, Police, Community Development, Public Works, and Recreation. The DRC meets on a weekly basis at 10 am on Thursdays to review development and construction projects to help an applicant identify potential design, scheduling and permitting requirements prior to the start of construction. Minor building permit applications such as a water heater replacement or window upgrade typically do not require submittal of a preliminary review application. However, projects that involve replacement, extension, or installation of sewer or water lines always require DRC review and other projects that may seem minor in nature could entail some level of permitting the applicant is unaware of at the time he/she originally proposes a construction or development project. Consequently, it is always best to contact staff early in the planning stages of your project to avoid unnecessary delays or additional costs. Other permit processes may include:
·                     Public Works Permits e.g. Encroachment Permit
·                     Business Licenses. All businesses that operate within the City of Rio Vista are required to obtain a business license. The classification of businesses and a schedule of business license fees are available at the City web site: If you have questions about business licenses, please contact us at (707) 374-2205.
·                     Vehicle for Hire Permit.
·                     Other Agency Permits e.g. Air District Permit (for demolition permits), CalTrans, Solano County Permits.
Plan Check Services.
Construction Permitting : The City of Rio Vista has adopted the following codes, which are reviewed and updated annually. These Codes include the 2007 California code of regulations Title 24 (CCR T-24).
Plans must be checked for Code compliance. Our intent is to choose the service methodology that will process your permit plan check in the fastest manner and with the greatest attention to technical detail. Where possible, we conduct In-house plan check reviews; where the application involves significant engineering or infrastructure considerations, staff sends the plans out to a plan check consulting service on retainer with the City.
Requesting an Inspection; (Mention both legally required and actual response times.)
Building Inspector's City Hall office hours are Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Building Inspections are available by appointment Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
An appointment request must be made at least 24 hours in advance, unless it is an emergency issue (based on life safety matters). It is important to plan ahead for your inspection needs. Our services are currently available on a part time basis. To make an appointment for an inspection, please call the Community Development Department at #(707) 374-2205
Inspections by Fire, Police and Public Works Departments. When a project requires preliminary review by the DRC, each inspector will provide specific requirements and contact information to the applicant, who may attend the meeting. If the project does not require DRC review but requires a specific inspection or series of inspections by another City department, the applicant is responsible for setting up the required appointments and for paying for additional fees associated with the expanded review.
Number of Inspections. Each permit fee covers a limited number of inspections per permit per category; when the number of inspections required exceeds the number of inspections provided as part of the standard service, a reinspections fee must be charged by the Building Inspector responsible for reviewing the permit. Example Building Inspections, by type, with their respective number of standard inspections follows below. Please note: If the type of permit requested does not fall within the definition of one of these permit types, the Building Inspector is to interpret which category of permit types the permit request most closely resembles.
Typical Standard Inspection Examples:
·                     Foundation inspections: 2 max.
Inspection after excavations for footings or piers and grade beams are complete; any required reinforcing steel along with any required bolts, anchors, or straps are in place
·                     Under-slab inspection: 2 max.
Inspection after all piping, equipment, conduit, etc. is installed, but before any concrete is placed; an additional slab inspection will be required for any reinforcing steel, base fill material, required bolts, anchors, or straps
·                     Under-floor inspection: 2 max.
For a raised wood floor system, an under-floor inspection of framing, piping, ducts, conduit, equipment, etc. is required; an additional inspection of required thermal insulation is required before installing subfloor sheathing. A floor diaphragm nailing inspection may be required before building walls.
·                     Roof sheathing and shear wall sheathing inspection: 2 max.
Done prior to concealment
·                     Rough frame inspection: 2 max.
Inspection after all framing, fire blocking, and bracing are in place, including weather barrier on roof and walls and all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical installations are roughed in and ready for inspection and testing
·                     Wall, ceiling, or roof / ceiling thermal insulation inspection: 2 max.
Sealing of gaps and holes; find out more from the California Energy Commission
·                     Lath and/or gypsum board inspection/gas inspection: 2 max.
Inspection after all lathing and gypsum board are in place but before any plaster is applied and before gypsum board joints and fasteners are taped and finished; gas must hold air pressure at 10 pounds for 15 minutes with 1/10 pound increment markings (or less) on gage.
·                     Energy efficiency inspection: 2 max.
Inspections shall be made in compliance with Chapter 13 of the Code and include, but not be limited to, envelope insulation R and U values, fenestration U value, duct system R value, and HVAC and water-heating equipment efficiency.
·                     Other inspections: 2 max.
The building official is authorized to make or require other inspections of any construction work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of above-referenced codes and any laws that are enforced by the department of building safety. For example, gas test, water meter installation, rebar placement in new driveway, etc.
·                     Special inspections: 2 max.
See Section 1704 of the CBC.
·                     Final inspection:2 max.
Inspection after all the permitted work has been completed.
Reinspection policy
A reinspection fee may be assessed on each inspection when work is not complete or when corrections
called for are not made (Community Development Fee Schedule/Resolution No. 2009-127). While the property owner may enter into a private agreement with the applicant to pay for reinspections fees, ultimately, the property owner will be held responsible for inspection fees. Each building permit provides for two inspections requests; additional re-inspections must be charged at the employee billable rate.
1. A reinspection fee will be assessed on projects that are not ready for inspection. “Not Ready” means that the work was not sufficiently complete to accomplish the requested inspections. Also, a reinspection fee will be assessed when items listed on a “Notice of Corrections” have not been completed. For example, insufficient readiness could include a roof permit inspection requiring more than two visits to site due to multiple corrections.
2. Should the building inspector determine that a reinspection fee is appropriate, a “Reinspection Fee”
slip will be left at your job site. No further building inspections will occur until the fee has been paid.
3. Reinspection fee payments need to be made at the City of Rio Vista Building Division office at One Main Street at the Community Development counter. A minimum reinspection fee of $90.00 will be assessed. Please make your check in the amount of $90.00 payable to the City of Rio Vista. If you are paying cash, please have exact change.
4. An inspection can be scheduled providing that the reinspection fee is paid by 8:30 am on the
morning of the scheduled inspection.
5. A canceled inspection will be accepted (if canceled by 8:30 am) the morning of the inspection.
Other Permit Inspection Services
See Community Development Department for information on how to address the following matters:
* Resale Inspection Services. *Vacation Rental Permit. *Garage Conversion Amnesty Program. *Legalizing Second Units.