Bicycle Care Information


All buses are equipped with bicycle racks.

Rio Vista Delta Breeze buses are equipped with bike racks, which hold two bikes. 

Only single-rider, two-wheel bicycles are permitted. No motor, tandem or three-wheel bikes are allowed. There is no age limit for riders using the bike racks or bringing bikes on board the bus. However, riders must be able to load and unload their bikes without help from the operator.

There is no guarantee that there will be space on any specific bus for your bike.

Rio Vista Delta Breeze, the City of Rio Vista or Transportation Concepts is not responsible for damages to or caused by bicycles on Rio Vista Delta Breeze or City of Rio Vista property or vehicles.

Before the bus arrives remove all detachable items from the bike, such as bags, air pumps, and water bottles.

Always load and unload your bike from the curb side of the bus.


When approaching your stop, let the bus driver know you will unload your bike and then exit through the front door of the bus.

  1. Lift the support arm from the bike’s tire and lower it to the magnet on the rack.
  2. Take your bike out of the rack.
  3. If the rack is empty, raise the rack up against the bus.


Lady illustrating

If the rack is stowed, squeeze the silver release handle on the top and lower the rack from its upright position.

Lady illustrating

Lift your bike into the rack, putting the front wheel where indicated on the rack. (The first bike in the rack should be loaded in the position closest to the bus.)

Lady illustrating

Pull the support arm up and over the front tire as close to the frame as possible. The support arm should rest securely on the front tire only, not on the bike’s frame.

Board the bus and pay your fare. Sit as close to the front as possible, to keep your bike in view at all times.

Lost and Found

All unclaimed bikes left on racks will be sent to Rio Vista Delta Breeze Lost and Found. Information on missing bikes may be obtained 48 hours after the loss by telephone: 511 say “Rio Vista Delta Breeze” (TDD only 711 through the California Relay Service) or call (707) 374-2878. Lost and Found articles may be picked up by appointment by calling (707) 374-2878.

The above rules are enforced under the California Penal Code Section 640. Violation of the rules may result in suspension of ride, a $250 fine and/or 6 months of community service.