Airport Leasing and Business Development Opportunities

Rio Vista Municipal Airport: Rio Vista (088), Jack Baumann Field, Rio Vista, California

Since 1994 the City has been developing the Rio Vista Municipal Airport. Basic infrastructure is provided to the vicinity of available development sites. The City must retain ownership of Airport land, therefore the site is leased to the prospective tenant under the general guidelines of the City’s Rules and Regulations governing the Rio Vista Municipal Airport, Minimum Standards For Commercial Development and the City’s Municipal Code.

The leases are also governed by current FAA mandates. The City remains willing to work with prospective tenants to negotiate a reasonable agreement within the above limitations that will allow a viable future for the tenant and a valuable contribution to the economic vitality of the City and the Municipal Airport.

The established lease procedure below outlines the steps that are necessary to secure a long term lease on Airport property.

All leases at Rio Vista Municipal Airport must be aviation related.  If your business is not aviation related, the City may not be able to enter into a lease agreement. You may contact us for questions about this matter.

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Standard Lease Procedure For Commercial Sites

Standard Lease Arrangements:

  1. Term = 20 years, up to two, 5 year option extensions permitted.
  2. Lease rate at market rate of approx. 8% of estimated land value.
  3. Standard CPI clause with 8% maximum per year.
  4. Standard lease can be negotiated by City staff and brought forward to the full City Council.
  5. May grant up to 3 months free startup rent.
  6. Add sublease clause drafted by City Attorney, City to reserve the right to re-negotiate lease terms upon lease of property.
  7. Must comply with all FAA requirements and City municipal codes.

Special Lease Arrangements:

  1. Term = 20 years with flexibility to go to 50 years.
  2. Requires high employment (30+employees) or significant sales tax revenues to City.
  3. Requires City Council Committee and City Executive Management involvement during negotiations.
  4. Lease rate at market rate or approx. 8% of appraised value for industrial properties, may go as low as 5 %.
  5. CPI clause may be negotiated down to limit of 2% per year.
  6. May grant up to 6 months free startup rent.
  7. Fixed base operators and aviation related businesses, may also qualify for special consideration.
  8. Add sublease clause drafted by City Attorney, City to reserve the right to re-negotiate lease terms upon transfer of property.
  9. Must comply with all FAA requirements and City municipal codes.

Outline for Leasing at Rio Vista Municipal Airport

This is intended to be an approximate outline of the process for securing a lease of property at the Rio Vista Municipal Airport. Special conditions or requests may require deviation from this process. Any amendment or assignment of an existing lease will follow a similar process of approval.

  1. Interested party sends a letter to the Transit & Airport Coordinator stating interest, the parcel of interest, and the intended purpose.
  2. Upon receipt of the letter of interest, the Transit & Airport Coordinator  will send a response letter regarding the current status of the parcel; leased, in the negotiation stages or available. If the parcel is available, a packet of information will be sent including a sample lease and other data specific to the parcel(s) of interest. The date of this letter will commence a 45-day time period guaranteeing non-negotiation with subsequent interested parties. Lease proposals are handled on a first come-first served basis. Therefore, if there is prior proposal submitted to the City, applicants are advised accordingly, and notified that they will be put on the list, and, if the prior applicant is unsuccessful, the City will notify the next-in-line applicant of their opportunity to submit a proposal for the site and negotiate an appropriate lease.
  3. If the information sent by the Transit & Airport Coordinator confirms interest in the Parcel, a response and draft business plan are expected within the 45 days. This will secure the position of first in line until such time as either the lease is executed or it is determined that there is no longer a potential lease on the table.
  4. If there are numerous negotiable terms, a preliminary meeting is arranged to discuss lease terms.
  5. Once the City and the applicant agree upon the terms, the final lease and memorandum are prepared for review and requested approval by the full City Council.
  6. Following approval, four originals of the Lease Agreement, one Memorandum of Lease and the Resolution are executed and sealed. The Memorandum of Lease is recorded and filed with the County Clerk Recorder.
  7. The Lease may be recorded by the Lessee at their option. Recordation of the Memorandum of Lease will be done by the City and satisfies legal requirements for the City of Rio Vista.