Rio Vista Airport


The City of Rio Vista’s Airport has quietly served this Community for a number of years with occasional use by small company jets such as the one shown above in front of its hangar.

Largely used as a recreational flying facility for mostly single engine and helicopters.  The change within Rio Vista to become a growth City has brought new attention to this facility as one of the major catalysts.

* Adjacent to the City's two industrial parks – less than 1/2 mile from the existing
Business Park

* Boasts a 4500 foot runway

* Has an Automated Airport Observing System (AWOS)


* Phillips 66 “Fast Pay” fuel island available 24/7 (as Shown Above)

* Hanger complex with additional building sites available

* Building sites for development compatible with the Airport

* Heliport

* Small winged craft and helicopter on-site flight school

* Less than one hour flying time to four International Hubs
San Francisco International
Oakland International
San Jose International
Sacramento International




Click here for more information on the
Rio Vista's Airport Website